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Hello world!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you as a connoisseur of exclusive performance enhancements on our website.

We have been supplying tuning files for over 20 years and have been involved with automotive industry for over 25 years. Our main goal remain the optimization of vehicles to this day.

You need to register with our site (user/password request by email) and then simply upload your original file, we email you back a quote and Paypal payment details (or IBAN for SEPA transfer, credit card payment link etc). If you accept the offer you make payment and we send the optimized file.

We can supply tuning files for use with all master tools available on the market today (eg.Alientech KESS and KTAG, EVC BDM100 or EVC BSL100, Dimsport Genius, Byteshooter, Optican, Piasini, MPPS, FGTech Galletto, MAGPRO X17 Flex, Frieling-racing, Beeprog+, Batronix etc), all our Tuning files are developed in house by our engineers by using constant development via one of our two state of the art rolling road dynamometer. We can offer:
  • Performance Tuning for Cars, Motorbikes (stage1 , stage2 and only for few selected customers stage3-stage4 mod files)
  • Speed Limiter Removal / Adding
  • DPF Removal (Total deactivation! no ecusafe, swiftec,volta or other DTC killing software)
  • EGR duty cycle closing or full removal
  • ADBLUE – SCROFF for cars with problems (including NOx)
  • Swirl Flaps disable (Intake flaps disable)
  • Special projects activation/deactivation
  • DSG / Tiptronic Tuning for better shifting and faster + LC activation or shifting points higher RPM for Drive mode
  • No Lift Shift for petrol cars
  • Pop and Bangs for petrol cars
  • Launch Control activating in Engine ECU file
  • Optional Anti-Lag LC (requires Cat-OFF or the stock catalyst will be destroyed!)

We are based in CET Europe and between the hours of 9am GMT+1 and 5:30pm GMT+1 you will have an email response within 30 minutes to an hour with your file price, once confirmed we will email the file back within 1 hour of receiving payment. Files out of these hours will be processed ASAP some within the evening others will be next day. As we are not available 24/7, please respect our opening hours mentioned above. Just remember: when we’re open, we will get back to you within 60 minutes.

For more details and username for this website contact us via this form or email to  :

News 2020 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI 2017 CSTA CSSA DBVA DBWA Bosch MED17.5.25 – Original, stage 2 Audi A4 B9 Mk2 40 TDI 2.0 TDI CR 2019 DETA DETB Bosch EDC17C74 – Original, stage 1 Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI 2019 CWGD Bosch MG1CS002 – Original, stage 2 Audi A8 D4 4.0 TFSI 2016 CEUA Bosch MED17.1.1 – Original, stage 2 Audi A6 40 TDI 2.0 TDI CR 2019 DFBA Bosch MD1_CS004 – Original, stage 1 Audi RS3 8V 367 hp 2.5TFSI CZGB TEMIC DQ500 Stage 2 Audi A6 45 TFSI2019 DLHB/DKNA/DKWB Siemens/Continental SIMOS18.4 – Original, stage 2 Audi SQ7 4.0 V8 TDI CR 2016 CZAC Bosch MD1_CP014 – Original, stage 1BMW F35 320i 2017 B48B20M0 Bosch MG1CS003 – Original, stage 2 BMW G38 530i B48B20O0 Bosch MG1CS003 – Original, Stage 2, Stage 2 and P&B BMW G20 330i 2019 Bosch MG1CS201 – Original, stage 2 BMW F25 X3-20d 2017 B47D20O0 Bosch EDC17_C50 – Original, stage 1 BMW F30 330i 2018 B48B20O0 Bosch MG1CS003 – Original, stage 2 BMW G07 X7-50i 2020 N63M Bosch MG1CS201 – Original, stage 2 BMW G01 X3-20D 2019 B47D20O1 Bosch MDG1_MD1CS001 – Original, stage 1 BMW F32 420i 2014 Bosch MEVD17.2.9 – Original, stage 2, stage 2 + Pop and bang BMW F20 120i 2018 B48B20M0 Bosch MG1CS003 – Original, stage 2 BMW F45H 225e 2017 B38A15M0 Bosch MEVD17.2.3 – Original, stage 2 BMW F97 X3M 3.0 Turbo Competition Bosch MG1CS024 – Original ( 505hp), stage 2 (566hp) Porsche Cayman 718 981c 2.5 DFI Turbo 2017 Siemens/Continental SDI21 – Original, stage 2 Porsche Panamera 2.9 DFI Turbo E-Hybrid 2020 DGPA Bosch MG1CS002 – Original, stage 1 Porsche Cayenne E3 4.0 V8 DFI Turbo S E-Hybrid 2020 DCUA Bosch MG1CS008 – Original, stage 1 Porsche Panamera 2.9 DFI Turbo E-Hybrid 2018 DGPA Bosch MG1CS002 – Original, stage 1 VW Golf VII Mk2 1.5 TSI Bluemotion 2019 Bosch MG1CS011 – Original, stage 1 VW T-Roc 1.6 TDI 2019 Bosch EDC17C74 – Original, stage 1 VMax off VW Arteon 2.0 TFSI 2020 Bosch MG1CS001 – Original, stage 1 VW Multivan T62.0 2019 Delphi DCM6.2V – Original, stage 1 VW California 2.0 TDI CR DPF 2020 Delphi DCM6.2 – Original, stage 1 VW Atlas / Teramont 3.6 V6 2020 Bosch MED17.1.6x – Original, stage 2 catalyst off, VMax off VW Tiguan NZ 2019 DGDB Bosch EDC17C74 – Original, stage 1 Mercedes Benz Vito 114CDI 2018 Bosch EDC17C66 – Original, stage 1 Alpine A110 1.8 Turbo GPF 2019 Hitachi – Original, stage 2 Toyota Supra A90 3.0 Turbo 2019 Bosch MG1CS201 – Original, stage 2 + vmax off (395hp / 610Nm) Bentley Continental 6.0 W12 Turbo 2017 DJLA Bosch ME17.1.6 – Original, stage 2 Toyota Supra 3.0 Turbo 2020 Bosch MG1CS201 Bosch MG1CS201 – Original, stage 2 Bentley Bentayga 4.0 TFSI 2018 DCUA Bosch MG1CS008 – Original, stage 2 Audi SQ7 4.0 V8 TDI CR 2018 CZAC Bosch MD1_CP014 – Original, stage 1 Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI 2017 CWGD Bosch MG1CS002 – Original, stage 2 Audi RS7 Performance 4.0 TFSI 2016 CWUB/CWUC Bosch MED17.1.1 – Original, stage 2 2020 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI DMSA Bosch MG1-CS031 IFX Dev4 – Original, stage 1 Stage1 for Porsche Panamera 2.9T E-Hybrid 462ps to 600ps All software  variants already finished: Bosch MG1CP002 972907551L 51014 Bosch MG1CS001 06M907309C 34283 Bosch MG1CP002 972907551E 27659 Bosch MG1CS002 06M907309C 46969 Bosch MG1CS002 06M907309C 34284 Bosch MG1CS002 06M907309C 43460 Bosch MG1CS002 06M907309C 27660 MB A35 AMG 2020 MG1CP002 Stage 1, pop and bang available AUDI RSQ8 2020 MG1CS008 Massive Stage 1 Gain (725HP 960NM) Available pop and bang, normal, hard and extreme Porsche Panamera 4.0 2020 2019 MG1CS008 Massive Stage 1 (655HP 990NM) Available pop and bang normal mode , hard mode and even extreme for cars with proper upgraded exhaust. Porsche 992 Carrera 3.0 DFI Turbo 2020 DKCA Bosch MG1CP007 – Original, stage 1 Porsche Panamera 970 – 2013 -> … 4.8 DFI Turbo Siemens/Continental – Original, Stage_2 pop and bang 2020 Porsche 992 Carrera 3.0 DFI Turbo DKCA Bosch MG1CP007 – Original, stage 2 Limited torque, stage 2 Limited torque + NO GPF/OPF 2020 Porsche 992 3.0 DFI Turbo DKKA Bosch MG1CP007 – Original, stage 2 2020 Porsche Cayenne E3 3.0 DFI Turbo DCBE Bosch MG1CS002 – Original, stage 2 AUDI SQ5 2019 MD1_CP004 Massive Stage 1 Gain (425HP 754NM) Ford F150 2018 MG1CS015 Torque Monitoring Solution MB C250CDI 2014 CRD3 Revised Tuning File Producing 265HP 540NM – With Better Dyno Cooling Even 280HP Possible (limp issue fixed) BMW M850i.4.4t Bosch MG1CS201 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Performance gauge mod, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available Porsche Panamera 4.0T GTS 450hp 460hp Bosch MG1CS008 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available Porsche Panamera 400hp Bosch MGCS002 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI Bosch MDG1 MD1CS005 Stage 1 chiptuning, Vmax off available Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Bosch MG1CS017 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available Jaguar F-Pace 3.0 Supercharged 340hp 345hp 380hp Bosch MED17.5.4 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available. Also possible for Jaguar F-Type, XE, XF, XJ and Landrover Velar .0 Si6 Supercharger 340hp 380hp Jaguar F-Type 2.0t SI4 300hp Bosch MED17.1.9 MED17.9.9 Stage 1,2 chiptuning, Vmax off, Catalyst off, Pop and bang (optional pops only above 4000rpm) available. Also possible for Jaguar F-Pace 2.0t 240hp 250hp 300hp, E-Pace XE, XF, and Landrover Discovery (Sport), Evoque, Range Rover and Velar. Older news: 11/2019 BMW F&G Series ZF 8HPxx gearboxes (TCU) ZF 8HPxx BMW F-series ZF 8HPxx BMW G-series tuning via OBD plug 10/2019 Tuning file Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI MD1CS005 120ps @ 150ps&350nm 07/2019 New tuning file ready: Audi S4 3.0 TFSI 354hp with the Bosch MG1SC002 ECU 06/2019 Renault Master 2.3 DCI EDC17C11 100hp tunedfile 155hp&430Nm 02/2019 Ford Focus 1.0 STCI Ecoboost MG1 02/2019 Ford Kuga 1.5T Ecoboost Siemens/Continental EMS2511 engine code BNMA 01/2019 DS4 1.2T PureTech Tuning – Valeo VD46 Stage1&Stage2 Tuning 01/2019 CAN-AM Renegade 1000 & CAN-AM Traxter HD10 Stage1 Tuning 01/2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 Q4 Veloce & Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2018 01/2019 Volvo VEA new egr solution! 12/2018 Saab 9-5 2.0T Delco rev version 280hp/420nm 12/2018 ZF8HP TCU Tuningfiles ready for Bmw 135i N55/520D MG1/140i MG1/550D MD1 11/2018 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 BoosterJet Tuning – Bosch MED17.9.63 23199796346 10/2018 BMW F90 M5 MG1 ECU  stage 1 tuning ready 10/2018 Mercedes-Benz W464 G500 Tuning – M176/M177/M178 Bosch MED17.7.5 A1779004700 10/2018 Citroën – Peugeot 1.0 Puretech & 1.2 Puretech Valeo V46.11 10/2018 Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI Edition 30 230hp MED9.1 pop&bang under aircon button 10/2018 Bentley Bentayga 6.0 W12 bi-turbo Bosch MED17.1.62 : Stage 1 670 hp1010 Nm – Stage 2 715 hp 1080 Nm 09/2018 Audi SQ7 / Bentley Bentayga Diesel Performance Module 4.0D V8 435 hp / 900 Nm -> 519 hp / 1038 Nm 08/2018 Audi RS3 8V and TT RS 8S 2.5 TFSI Bosch MED17.1.62 07/2018 Honda Civic FK8 1.0T & 2.0T Type R Bosch MED17.9.3 07/2018 BMW B57 : 30d-40d-50d Bosch MD1CP002 07/2018 BMW B46, B48 & B58 Bosch MG1CS003 07/2018 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 2015 Continental EMS24xx 07/2018 VAG 1.0 TSI/TFSI, 1.2 TSI & 1.4 TSI/TFSI Bosch MED17.5.21 & MED17.5.25 06/2018 Renault – Dacia – Nissan – Opel – Mercedes 1.5 – 1.6 – 2.0 – 2.3 DCI 05/2018 Low gear shake shiftpoint solutions for gearbox ecu DQ200 and DL501 04/2018 CVN bypass & counter patch BMW EDC17 & MEVD17 04/2018 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 2018 Bosch MG1CS019 03/2018 Ford F150 3.5 Ecoboost (Raptor) Bosch MG1CS015 02/2018 Volvo VEA engines Renesas SH72546R from 2015 including SCROFF 01/2018 VAG engines 20TDI 184ps from 2017 EDC17C74 stage2 completed (including DPF/EGR mods) 12/2017 BMW Performance gauge rescaling 05/2017 VAG DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 DQ381 DL501 revised tuningfiles improved downshifting in sportsmode 02/2017 BMW F87 M2 MEVD17.2.G 01/2017 We have developed the VAG 1.2 TDI stage1/2 / DPFOFF/EGROFF mods 12/2016 ECU: Delphi DCM 3.7 VAG CAN Read/Write: Flashtech CMD OBD / Green Technology VF2 / Galletto OBD 12/2016 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG S 4,0t 2016 Bosch MED17.7.x 11/2016 Renault Twingo 0.9 TCE 90hp Bosch ME17.9.20 09/2016 VAG 2.0TDI Bosch EDC17C74 09/2016 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera 570hp Bosch MED9 07/2016 VAG 2.0TSI Siemens Simos18 06/2016 Opel Astra-J 1.7 CDTI ACDelco 04/2016 Renault 0.9Tce Valeo 03/2016 Ford New 1.0T Ecoboost Bosch MED17 03/2016 Maserati Ghibli 3.0D Bosch MED17.3.4 03/2016 Nissan Juke 1.6 Dig-T Hitachi 02/2016 Ferrari 488 GTB 3.9 V8 biturbo 670hp (MED17.6.9) 02/2016 Maserati Quattroporte 3.0 V6 biturbo Bosch MED17.3.4 01/2016 Porsche 991 Turbo/Turbo S 3.8 DFI (SDI9) 01/2016 Porsche Boxster GTS (981) 3.4DFI (SDI9) 01/2016 Porsche Cayman 3.4DFI 325hp (SDI9) 01/2016 BMW i8 1.5T (MEVD17.2.3) 01/2016 Bosch MEVD17.2.3 – Mini Cooper Works F56 2.0T 01/2016 MB GLE 450AMG 367hp (MED17.7.3.1) 01/2016 MB C450AMG (W205) 367hp (MED17.7.3.1) 01/2016 Porsche 991 GT3 3.8 DFI (MED17.1.11) 01/2016 BMW F-Series Bosch EDC17CP45 16.01.2008 HCF32 (SsangYong) neu! IAW4TV (VW) neu! EDC16C32, EDC16C32_can (MCC Smart) neu! EDC16CP33 (Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail) neu! TUN-Codierung geändert. 1/16/2008 HCF32 (SsangYong) new! IAW4TV (VW) anew! EDC16C32, EDC16C32_can (Smart MCC) new! EDC16CP33 (Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail) new! 11.11.2007 EDC16C39 (Kia): erweiterte ID, Softwarenummern aller Speicherbereiche EDC16xx, MED9.x, PPD1.x: CAN-Porblem beseitigt , insbesondere bei Audi 11/11/2007 EDC16C39 (Kia): enlarged ID, software numbers of all memory areas EDC16xx, MED9.x, PPD1.x: CAN-Porblem removes, in particular in Audi 10/3/2007 new tool for ST10F27x with communication via CAN 25.09.2007 EDC16C39 (Fiat Ducato):new! M7.9.8_can (Kia gamma):new! ME7.9.6 (Opel): new! SID301_can (Renault): new EDC16C8 (Iveco): new! EDC16C39 (Iveco): new! 11.09.2007: EDC16CP39 K-Line and CAN (Citroen C5): new K EDC16U31 K-Line and CAN (Dodge, jeep, Mitsubishi): new EDC16CP39 (Ford, Land Rover): now with reading (special procedure) 03.09.2007 EDC16C39_can (Fiat Grande Punto): neu! EDC16C39_can (Opel): Anpassung für neu aufgetauchte Variante EDC16C39 (Opel): neu K-Line, bisher nur CAN EDC16C9 (Opel): neu K-Line, bisher nur CAN EDC16C9,EDC16C9_can (Opel): neue Lese-Methode, die auch das Lesen bisher sich sperrender Steuergeräte ermöglicht. Schreiben von 256K- und 1MB-Dateien möglich EDC16C39,EDC16C39_can (Opel): neue Lese-Methode, die auch das Lesen bisher sich sperrender Steuergeräte ermöglicht. EDC7UC31 (Iveco Euro-5): neu EDC16C2, EDC16C32, EDC16CP31/_can (Mercedes, Chrysler): ID erweitert EDC16C33_can (Mitsubishi, Smart): neu per CAN, bisher nur K-Line EDC16C31-6 (Volvo): Anpassung für neu aufgetauchte Variante, ‘Spezielles Lesen’ für eigentlich nicht lesbaren Bereich! MSS52 (BMW): Korrektur in der Zugangsprozedur Alle Steuergeräte: Bei Lesefehlern, auch manuellem Abbruch, jetzt kann die ID ohne Datei gespeichert werden. Alle Steuergeräte: Korrektur in der ID-Anzeige ByteShooter update V2.53 8/25/2007 EDC16C39_can (Fiat Drande Punto): new! EDC16C39_can (Opel): Adaptation for a new variation appeared EDC16C39 (Opel): new K-Line, up to now only CAN EDC16C9 (Opel): new K-Line, up to now only CAN EDC16C9, EDC16C9_can (Opel): new reading method, also the reading up to nowof balking control devices allows. Writings from 256K–and 1MB files possibly EDC16C39, EDC16C39_can (Opel): new reading method, also the reading up to now of balking control devices allows. EDC7UC31 (Iveco euro 5): new EDC16C2, EDC16C32, EDC16CP31 / _ can (Mercedes, Chrysler): ID extends EDC16C33_can (Mitsubishi, Smart): new by CAN, up to now only K-Line EDC16C31-6 (Volvo): Adaptation for a new variation appeared, ‘ Special reading ‘ for normal not readable range! MSS52 (BMW): Correction in the access procedure. All ECU: With read errors, also to manual abnormal termination, now the ID can be saved without file. All ECU: Correction in the ID display ByteShooter Update V2.52 04.08.2007 EDC16CP33/_can-Nissan: neu! inclusive separatem Lesen und Schreiben der NozzleCodes EDC16CP33/_can-Renault neu! inclusive separatem Lesen und Schreiben der NozzleCodes Korrektur im Anzeigefenster der Modul-Liste. Die Benennung der bisherigen Fehlerprotokolldatei TEMP.PRTist jetzt geändert. Der Dateiname beginnt mit ‘REPORT’ und enthält dahinter den Namen des angewählten Steuergerätes und Fahrzeuges im Menü, die englische Bezeichnung der gewählten Funktion (GetID, Read, Write) , und am Ende die Prozentzahl des Fortschrittsbalkens. Z.B. zeigt der Name REPORT-SiemensPPD1_x_can-Audi__A4__2_0_TDi-Read-0, dass ein PPD1.x_can unter der Anwahl “Audi A4 2.0 TDI” sich nicht (0 %) lesen lassen wollte. ByteShooter update V2.52 8/4/2007 EDC16CP33 / _ can Nissan: new! include separate reading and writing of the NozzleCodes EDC16CP33 / _ can Renault new! include separate reading and writing of the NozzleCodes Correction in the announcement window of the module list. The naming of the previous mistake protocol file TEMP.PRT now is changed. The file name begins with ‘REPORT’ and includes behind it the name of the selected ECU and vehicle in the menu, the English term of the elective function (GetID, Read, Write), and at the end the percentage of the progress bar. E.G., points the name REPORT-SiemensPPD1_x_can-Audi__A4__2_0_TDi-Read-0, the fact that a PPD1.x_can under the selection ” Audi A4 2.0 of TDI ” could not be read (0%). ByteShooter Update 2.51 24.07.2007 PPD1.x = PPD1.1, PPD1.2 und PPD1.5 (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) neu (Dank an Pascal für Tests am Auto und Fahrzeugliste) EDC16C10 (Toyota Auris 1,4 Diesel): neu ByteShooter update 2.51 7/24/2007 PPD1.x = PPD1.1, PPD1.2 and PPD1.5 (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) new (Thanks to Pascal for tests in the car and vehicle list) EDC16C10 (Toyota Auris 1,4 Diesel): new ByteShooter Update V2.50 18.07.2007 EDC16C3, EDC16C3_can und Düsen – Codes (Renault): wieder aktiviert EDC16C3, EDC16C3_can und Düsen – Codes (Suzuki): wieder aktiviert EDC16C3 (Peugeot): wieder aktiviert EDC7UC31 (Doosan Machine): neu (Dank an Finn Borg) Sagem – S3000_can: Korrektur eines Fehlers in der Prozedur Korrektur in der Fahrzeugliste (VW Sharan) ByteShooter update V2.50 7/18/2007 EDC16C3, EDC16C3_can and nozzles – code (Renault): again activates. EDC16C3, EDC16C3_can and nozzles – code (Suzukis): again activates. EDC16C3 (Peugeot): again activates. EDC7UC31 (Doosan Machine): new (Thanks to Finn Borg) Sagem – S3000_can: Correction of a mistake in the procedure Correction in the vehicle list (VW Sharan) ByteShooter Update 2.49 12.07.2007 EDC16C39 (Chevrolet Captiva und Epica): neu EDC16CP31-8,-_can (Jeep Wrangler): neu EDC7UC31 (Fendt): neu BMS43 (BMW): neu ME2.0/2.1: jetzt mit Fehlerbehebungsmodus zum Restaurieren EDC16CP34 (VAG): Erweiterung für neuere Exemplare mit Hardwarenr 0281-013-xxx ByteShooter update 2.49 7/12/2007 EDC16C39 (Chevrolet Captiva and Epica): new EDC16CP31-8, – _can (Jeep Wrangler): new EDC7UC31 (Fendt): new BMS43 (BMW): new ME2.0 / 2.1: now with mistake removal mode for restoring EDC16CP34 (VAG): Extension for newer models with Hardwareno. 0281 013 xxx ByteShooter Update V2.48 21.06.2007 EDC16C34,EDC16C34_can (Ford): neu EDC7C1 (Iveco, New Holland): neu (im Modul Nr. 5) EDC16C39_can (Opel): neu Sagem S3000_can: neu, bisher nur K-Line DWRH_pwm (Ford): neu (nur mit PWM-Interface) EDC16CP39 (LandRover): neu! (nur Schreiben) Tool ST10 F296: neu, zum Lesen und Schreiben des internen Flash ( im Modul Nr.2 ) MM4HV: per Tool ST10F296 MM4TV: per Tool ST10F280 (Dank an Gabor Kiss) Tool TriCore TC1796_C_can: neu, zum Lesen und Schreiben des internen Flash, Tool TriCore: jetzt mit Anzeige der Quarz-Frequenz SDI-4_can (Porsche Cayenne 2008): per Tool TriCore TC1796_C_can Erweiterungen und Korrekturen in der Fahrzeugliste ByteShooter update V2.48 6/21/2007 EDC16C34, EDC16C34_can (Ford):new EDC7C1 (Iveco, New Holland): new (in the module No. 5) EDC16C39_can (Opel): new Sagem S3000_can: new, up to now only K-Line DWRH_pwm (Ford): new (only with PWM interface) EDC16CP39 (LandRover): new! (only writing) Tool ST10 F296: new, to the reading and writing of the internal Flash (in the module Nr.2) MM4HV: by tool ST10F296 MM4TV: by tool ST10F280 (Thanks to in Gabor Kiss) Tool TriCore TC1796_C_can: new, to the reading and writing of the internal Flash, Tool TriCore: now with announcement of the quartz frequency SDI-4_can (Porsche Cayenne/ 2008): by tool TriCore TC1796_C_can Extensions and corrections in the vehicle list ByteShooter Update 2.47 17.05.2007 SID204_can (LandRover): neu – inclusive Lesen des gesamten Flash EDC7UC31 (Valtra): neu (im Modul-5 Truck/Tractor) EDC7UC31 (New Holland): komplett überarbeitet EEC-V_pwm (Ford): Fehlerbehebungs-Modus zum Reanimieren nach schreiben fehlerhafter Software Diverse Ergänzungen bei den Hersteller-Icons und den Listeneinträgen ByteShooter update 2.47 5/17/2007 SID204_can (LandRover): new – inclusive reading of the complete Flash EDC7UC31 (Valtra): new (in theModule-5 Truck/Tractor ) EDC7UC31 (New Holland): completely reworks EEC-V_pwm (Ford): Troubleshooting-mode for reanimating after write a faulty software Various supplements with the manufacturer’s icons and the list entries ByteShooter Update V2.46 25.04.2007 Windows Vista Kompatibel Trucks und PKWs sind jetzt voneinander getrennt mit extra Icons in der Liste MS6.2 (Iveco, DAF): Korrektur im Menü EDC16C39 (Hyundai/Kia): abhängig vom Fahrzeug ist jetzt auch das Schreiben des gelesenen Teilbereiches ohne Ergänzung möglich. EDC16C34 (Citroen/Peugeot), EDC16C3 (Ford), EDC16C2, EDC16C2_can u.a. (Mercedes): Im ID werden die Software-Nummern der einzelnen Speicher-Abschnitte angezeigt. EEC-V_pwm (Ford): umbenannt von bisher LP2-319_pwm ByteShooter Update V2.46 04/25/2007 Windows Vista Compatibly Now Trucks and Cars are separated of each other with specially Icons in the list MS6.2 (Iveco, DAF): Correction in the menu EDC16C39 (Hyundai / Kia): now depending on vehicle this is also Writings of the read subrange without supplement possibly EDC16C34 (Citroen/Peugeot), EDC16C3 (Ford), EDC16C2, EDC16C2_can and other (Mercedes): In the ID the software numbers of the single memory segments are indicated. EEC-V_pwm (Ford): renamed by LP2-319_pwm up to now ByteShooter Update 2.45 14.03.2007 ME7.5.10 (VW, Seat) neu MS6.2 (Iveco) neu (im Modul 5) MS6.2 (DAF) neu (im Modul 5) EEC-V_pwm (Ford) neu Sprache Spanisch neu ME7.5.10 (VW, Seat) new MS6.2 (Iveco) new (in the module 5) MS6.2 (DAF) new (in the module 5) EEC-V_pwm (Ford) new Language Spanish new ByteShooter Update V2.44 23.02.2007 Neues Tool in der ToolBox: Lesen und Schreiben des externen Flash in Steuergeräten mit TriCore-Prozessor, z.B. MED17 (Peugeot, BWM- Mini) neu: ME7.1.1(2.Steuergerät im Fahrzeug) (VW) neu: ME7.8.1 (Porsche) neu, per ToolBox neu: ME7.0 (Volvo) neu, per ToolBox neu: ME7.5.10 (Audi, Seat) neu, per ToolBox MEMS3 und MEMSNNN (Land Rover, MG, Rover) umbenannt in MEMS Vielen Dank an Frank Hartmann ( Fa. IMEX ) für die Überarbeitung der Fahrzeugliste. ByteShooter update V2.44 2/13/2007 New tool in the tool box: Reading and writing of the external Flash in ECUs with TriCore processor, e.g. MED17 (Peugeot, BWM-Mini) new: ME7.1.1 (2-nd ECU) in the vehicle (VW) new: ME7.8.1 (Porsche) by tool box new: ME7.0 (Volvo) by tool box new: ME7.5.10 (Audi, Seat) by tool box MEMS3 and MEMSNNN (Land Rover, MG, Rover) renamed in MEMS Many thanks to Frank Hartmann ( IMEX) for the reworking of the vehicle list ByteShooter Update V2.43 26.01.2007 Neu: EDC16C39 Cevrolet Captiva 2,0 VCDI Neu: Ford EDC16C3 Verbesserte Prozeduren für:EDC16C2,EDC16C32,EDC16CP31 Software-Nummern der Updates werden jetzt angezeigt. EDC16U1: Zugang verbessert SID803 : Zugangscode für neuere Typen erweitert. Fahrzeugliste überarbeitet: Citroen, Peugeot ; Dank an Herrn Clemens Mercedes ; Dank an Herrn Pano Neue Sprache: Koreanisch : Dank an Herrn Kevin Jang ByteShooter update V2.43 1/26/2007 New: EDC16C39 Cevrolet Captiva 2,0 VCDI New: Ford EDC16C3 Improved procedures für:EDC16C2, EDC16C32, EDC16CP31 Now software numbers of the updates are indicated. EDC16U1: Access improves SID803: Access code for newer types extends. Vehicle list reworks: Citroen, Peugeot; Thanks to Mr. Clemens Mercedes; Thanks to Mr. Pano New language: In Korean: Thanks to to Mr. Kevin Jang ByteShooter Update V2.36 11.08.2006 Änderung 2.36 gegenüber 2.35: Es gibt einen neuen Button in der Programm-Oberfläche: Fehler Löschen! Diese neue Funktion steht bereits für den größten Teil der Steuergeräte zur Verfügung. Beim Löschen der Fehler erscheint im Fenster Meldungen zum Beispiel. Errors: 3 – Clear – 0 wenn vorher 3 Fehler und danach 0 Fehler vorhanden sind. ME7.4.6 (Citroen): neu! mit Lesen (bisher nur per ToolBox) MM48P2 (Peugeot): neu! mit Lesen MS6.4 (New Holland): neu! mit Lesen. Freischaltung erforderlich ( Modul-5) Anschluss-Bilder ergänzt Anmerkung: Benutzer der ByteShooter.sel , zur Begrenzung der Hersteller-Liste: Die neu hinzugekommenen Marken ergänzen. ( zuletzt NEWHOLLAND) ByteShooter Update V2.36 08/11/2006 Change 2.36 compared with 2.35: There is a new button in the program surface: clear errors This new function is already available for the biggest part of the ECU. With the extinguishing of the errors appears in the window messages, for example. Errors: 3 – Clear – 0 if before 3 mistakes and afterwards 0 mistakes exist. ME7.4.6 (Citroen): anew! with reading (up to now only by tool box) MM48P2 (Peugeot): anew! with reading MS6.4 (New Holland): anew! with reading. activation necessary ( Modul-5) Connection pictures complements Remark: user of the ByteShooter.sel, to the limitation of the manufacturer’s list: The newly come brands complement. (last NEWHOLLAND) ByteShooter Update V2.35 05.08.2006 Änderung 2.35 gegenüber 2.34: Sirius32 (Renault): neu! lesen/schreiben ME9.6 (Cadillac) : neu! lesen/schreiben ME7.4.5 (Peugeot) : neu! lesen/schreiben MS6.1 (Iveco) : neu! lesen/schreiben. Freischaltung erforderlich EDC16C10 (Toyota) : neu! lesen/schreiben. Freischaltung erforderlich ME9.0_can (Ford) : Korrektur im ID, Dateilänge um 64K erhöht Die Freischaltung der Module Iveco und Toytoa kostet jeweils 500,00 Euro Die Kodes sind erhältlich bei Nigel Holmes bzw. Firma Techtec. Hinweis zum ME9.0: Eine NOREAD-Markierung sollte innerhalb von einem der folgenden Bereiche plaziert werden, oder innerhalb von 80Hex Bytes hinter deren Endemarke ‘ZZZZ’: für 2MB-Datei: für 1920K-Datei: 020000 .. 03B2D3 000000 .. 01B2D3 080000 .. 0937D3 060000 .. 0737D3 0A0000 .. 197243 080000 .. 177243 1C2000 .. 1DAE8B 1A2000 .. 1BAE8B 1E0000 .. 1E2E8F 1C0000 .. 1C2E8F ByteShooter update V2.35 8/5/2006 Change 2.35 compared with 2.34: Sirius32 (Renault): anew! reading / writing ME9.6 (Cadillac): anew! reading / writing ME7.4.5 (Peugeot): anew! reading / writing MS6.1 (Iveco): anew! reading / writing. activation necessary EDC16C10 (Toyota): anew! reading / writing. activation necessary ME9.0_can (Ford): Correction in the ID, file length by 64K increases The activation of the modules Iveco and Toytoa costs in each case 500.00 euros The codes are available at Nigel Holmes or company Techtec. Tip to the ME9.0: A NOREAD mark should go within one of the following Areas are placed, or within 80 Hex bytes behind the close box ‘ZZZZ’: for 2MB file : for 1920K file: 020000. 03B2D3 000000. 01B2D3 080000. 0937D3 060000. 0737D3 0A0000. 197243 080000. 177243 1C2000. 1DAE8B 1A2000. 1BAE8B 1E0000. 1E2E8F 1C0000. 1C2E8F ByteShooter Update V2.34 31.07.2006 Neu: ME7.4.5 (Citroen): lesen/schreiben Neu: EDC16C31-6 (Volvo): lesen/schreiben Änderungen in der Fahrzeugliste (Mercedes) ByteShooter update V2.34 7/31/2006 Anew: ME7.4.5 (Citroen): reading / writing Anew: EDC16C31-6 (Volvo): reading / writing Changes in the vehicle list (Mercedes) ByteShooter Update V2.33 25.07.2006 Neu: Peugot Citroen SID 801 Peugot Citroen SID 801A Peugot Citroen SID 803 Peugot Citroen SID 803A Ford ME 9.0 ( Focus ST) Opel,Vauxhall, Holden ME9.6 ( 2,8l Turbo) Renault Delphi DDCR Fiat Punto EDC16-C39 Verbesserung: geänderte Procedur Peugot MM6LP französisch verbessert. Achtung: Die neuen Proceduren für Peugot/Citroen sind bisher nur an Peugot-ECU getestet . Es kann sein dass es bei Citroen Probleme gibt. ByteShooter update V2.33 07/25/2006 Anew: Peugot Citroen SID 801 Peugot Citroen SID 801A Peugot Citroen SID 803 Peugot Citroen SID 803A Ford ME 9.0 (Focus ST) Opel, Vauxhall, Holden ME9.6 (2.8 l Turbo) Renault Delphi DDCR Fiat Punto EDC16-C39 Improvement: changed Procedur Peugot MM6LP language in French improves. Attention: The new Procedures for Peugot/Citroen are up to now only in Peugot-ECU tested. It can be that there is with Citroen problems. ByteShooter Update V2.32 – 06.07.2006 Neue Sprachen: italienisch und französisch Verbessert: VAG-CAN-Protokoll Verbessert: DME-Kode Porsche 996/997 ByteShooter update V2.32 – 7/6/2006 New languages: Italian and French Improves: VAG CAN protocol Improves: DME code Porsche 996/997 28.06.2006 new: Mercedes SIM266-can Changes, extensions: EDC16Cxxx (Mercedes, Chrysler.): Timing improves EDC16C9_can: Special access after writing stop Correction because of system report EDC16C3 Mercedes renamed in EDC16C32 EDC16CP31_can (Mercedes), EDC16CP31-8_can (Chrysler) EDC16C32 (Mercedes), EDC16C32_can (Mercedes), EDC16C33 (Mitsubishi/Smart), EDC16CP31 (Mercedes), EDC16CP31-8 (Chrysler): Write of read files allowed, although the readable area is too short to efficient tuning. Various changes in the vehicle list on account of good tips of friendly users. EDC15C5: Timing problem corrects (Thanks to to attentive users!) ANEW EDC16C7 and EDC16C2-4 (Honda) EDC16CP36 (Mercedes) Tool box ST10F276, e.g. for M7.9.5 (Toyota-Aigo) EDC16CP36 (Mercedes) K and CAN EDC16C2-9 (Chrysler) Audi 3.0 TDI 218hp (MD1CP004) Fiat Ducato 2.3 M-Jet 140hp (MJ9DFH) Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG 306hp (MED17.7.7) Porsche Cayenne 3.0T V6 340hp (MG1CS002) VAG 1.0 TSI 95hp (MED17.1.21) VAG 1.4 TSI 150hp (MED17.1.21) VAG 1.4 TSI 218hp GTE (MED17.1.21) Volkswagen Transporter T6 90hp (DCM6.2) Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 272hp (EDC17CP54) Opel Zafira 1.6CDTI 136Hp (Delco E98) Peugeot 208 1.6 HDI 120hp (EDC17C60) Porsche Cayenne 3.0 TDI 240hp (EDC17CP44) Renault Trafic 2.0 DCi 145hp (MD1CS006) Toyota Auris 1.4 D4-D 90hp (EDC17CP17) Volvo D3 150hp (Denso VEA) Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (MED17.7.5) Porsche Boxster 986 2.7i 220hp (ME7.8) VAG 1.4 TSI 150hp (2019) We’re working now for developing: Ford Fiesta 1.6 TI-VCT 120hp 2012 Siemens MS2103 Dodge SRT4 Siemens SIM90 VAG ZF automatic trans all calibrations

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