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Operation of the internal combustion engine is dependent on three main factors: the amount of fuel, the amount of oxygen and ignition timing. These three need to work together and complement each other in order for the engine to perform as it should and their cooperation is controlled by the electronic engine management system. It adjusts each of these factors to make them complement each other and also sets up a number of filters and limiters in order to get the right information and ensure safety and reliability. What we do with your engine is improve the combustion process and thus make the engine more efficient. All of the modifications we perform are based on real time measurements, meticulous calculations and numerous tests and data logging which means we do not guess anything or gamble by increasing the values of the turbo pressure, or injection. While performing modifications, we follow the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) architecture and keep the same level of quality and reliability while ensuring better performance. After our chiptuning modifications your engine will have more horsepower and more torque and you will notice this as soon as you drive out of our workshop. The increased amount of torque results in noticeably higher efficiency and smoother ride in everyday conditions.

Air/Fuel Ratio / Lambda
The correct ratio in the air and fuel mixture is always measured before tuning. After that we modify the values and perform additional measurements with our data logging equipment to make sure that the proportions of air and fuel are perfect. A deviating lambda value coming from a mechanical problem on a particular car, or a mistake in remapping itself can have disastrous consequences.

Intake Air Temperature
During data logging we measure the air intake temperature. This is one of the ways to verify that our modification is safe for your engine. Some customers have even had higher performing aftermarket intake air filters installed in the wrong place, thus feeding the engine with the air that is hotter than it should be and causing dramatic performance drops and unreasonably and dangerously high temperatures inside the engine.

Oil / Fuel / Coolant temperatures
Having these temperatures at their optimal levels is another sign that our modifications are safe for your car. This is why these are measured during data logging.

Optimizing ignition timing for gasoline engines
When tuning gasoline engines, in addition to increasing the turbo pressure and injection, we also adjust the ignition by advancing it or retarding it, as necessary. The changes we make during tuning considerably affect combustion and this calls for an adjustment in ignition timing. The results of proper ignition timing are more efficient combustion and more power and torque. This optimization also benefits the exhaust system and turbocharger and controls the explosions inside the engine. Inefficient combustion is the prime cause of engine damage on gasoline engines. This is why we make sure that we modify the ignition timing and make it perfect by checking the engine operation numerous times during our data logs.

Some tuners gamble by adding a certain percentage of boost pressure and fuel without adjusting them to match, or testing thoroughly before and after tuning, or they simply purchase ready-made software on the internet, but this is far from being recommended. It is of the highest importance to know how the engine works and what kind of a setup the paths of fuel, air and ignition have. Many customers feel that if they can notice the power increase after tuning that it is a job well done. However, simply having more power does not mean your engine is tuned optimally. In most cases this will result in adjustments that are completely illogical when compared with the OEM setup, often inefficient and sometimes even harmful to the engine. In order to prevent all these we perform data logging. Data logging is performed during the software modifications and it includes measuring the air/fuel ratio, turbo values, ignition and various temperatures and it is practically irreplaceable if you want a safe and reliable car after tuning.

Requested and actually delivered boost can vary so we make sure to measure it in order to have the correct information. After that we perform the modification and check to make sure that the actual operation is as it should be. Every turbo system is subject to wear which can alter its performance so it should by no means be adjusted without having all the information about that particular car. Many tuners will often increase the boost pressure to unnecessarily high levels, especially in diesel engines, and this inevitably leads to higher wear and premature malfunction.

Exhaust Gas Temperature
In addition to measuring the air inteke temperature, we also measure the exhaust gas temperature during data logging. A mechanical problem or a bug in the software modification can cause excessive temperatures which can cause damage to the turbo and exhaust systems. This is why controlling these values before and after turning is of the highest importance.

Optimizing injection timing for diesel engines
Aside from increasing the injection period, it is also important to optimize the injection timing. Adjusting the exact moment when the ignition starts and making it perfect is very important for ensuring the best possible combustion wave and the best possible torque peak. This results in a more efficient combustion process and an increase in torque and power. This optimization also benefits the exhaust system, DPF and turbocharger and also optimizes ignition. We always make sure we provide the optimal settings.

Noticeable tuning effects
We always check to make sure that the effects of our tuning are as noticeable as they are safe. This may sound strange, but it is often the case with some tuners that tuning is performed with WOT (Wide Open Throttle – 100% throttle). However, vast majority of driving time is not at full throttle, which means that you will not notice the benefits of tuning most of the time. This is why we make sure that you feel the additional power even at lower throttle positions. The “wow” effect is much greater with our tuning.